12 Gauge 2 3/4" Johnson Door Breaching Round
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12 Gauge 2 3/4" Johnson Door Breaching Round

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The Johnson Breaching round was made to address specific shortcomings with traditional door breaching rounds. This low cost highly effective device is a frangible projectile made of environmentally friendly steel dust and a ceramic binder, which turns to dust upon impact. The door-breaching cartridge produces an effective means of removing locks and hinges from metal or wooden doors constructed of materials up to 16-gauge steel. The projectile weighs 350 grains and has a muzzle velocity of 1,350 fps which yields about 1,400 foot pounds of energy which is more than enough horsepower for virtually all residential applications. Limited projection of hazardous debris and collateral damage on the opposite side of the door is minimized. The projectile is encased in a polymer carrier ensuring no damage to the bore. This round can also be used for training scenarios due to its reasonable cost. Do not place the muzzle of the shotgun against the door. The muzzle must be at least 3 inches away from contact. Ammo purchasers are responsible for use and compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Free shipping on ammo orders over $250.  Ammo is shipped by UPS Ground Only.