20 Gauge Flechette Ammunition
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20 Gauge Flechette Ammunition

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Flechettes are 1.” steel darts for use in taking out snipers hiding in the thick brush or trees.These were heavily utilized during the Viet-nam era, often referred to as the “beehive” round. These rounds have 18-20 1″ darts, about 10 darts less than the 12 gauge 1″ flechettes round but these darts will have greater range and penetration. This is a excellent defensive round. 5 Round Pack, 2 3/4" Round.

This round is illegal to possess in Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois and is illegal in places like NYC, Washington DC, etc. Please be sure of the legallity in your area before ordering. Ammo purchasers are responsible for use and compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Free shipping on ammo orders over $250.  Ammo is shipped by UPS Ground Only.