20 Gauge Tactical Buckshot Ammunition
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20 Gauge Tactical Buckshot Ammunition

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FINALLY, viable, effective buckshot rounds for the 20-gauge shotgun are available. 8, ’00,’ buckshot are loaded into a 2 ¾” shell and run 1,100 fps from a 24” barrel yielding 1,175 foot-pounds energy. This round is perfect for turning fast handling, 20 gauge shotguns into tactical/home defense weapons. This loading compares directly to the Remington, ‘Managed Recoil,*’ 00 buckshot load for a 12 gauge!!! This round will have recoil similar to the Remington 20 gauge, ‘Gun Club Target,*’ load. Ammo purchasers are responsible for use and compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Free shipping on ammo orders over $250.  Ammo is shipped by UPS Ground Only.