BCB Crusader Cooker
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BCB Crusader Cooker

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This is a BCB Crusader Cooking Unit and Survival Stove. The Crusader Cooking Unit and survival stove is an innovative new solid and gel fuel field cooker designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat soldier, survivalist and adventurer. An integral folding arm allows the cup to fit securely over a fuel crucible with a capacity for 40 ml of gel fuel or 2 hexamine fuel blocks. A small slot provides efficient air intake while the walls of the cooker provide shielding against the wind. In transit, the cooker nests neatly and compactly beneath BCB's Crusader Cup and will fit inside a NATO Water Bottle Pouch, combined with the NATO Water Bottle. The Crusader Cooker will Boil 17 floz. of Water in 8 Minutes. It is made of Stainless Steel.