BCB Crusader Cooking System
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BCB Crusader Cooking System

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The Crusader Cooking System contains an innovative new solid and gel fuel field cooker.It is designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat soldier.An integral folding arm allows the cup to fit securely over a fuel crucible where gel fuel or solid hexamine fuel blocks can be lit.A small slot provides efficient air intake whilst the walls of the cooker provide shielding against the wind. In transit, the cooker nests neatly and compactly beneath BCB’s Crusader Cup. The Cooker boils 500ml (17floz) of water in under 8 minutes. It integrates with BCB’s Crusader Cup and '90 pattern water bottle and mug. The water bottle fits inside the Cup. The

Crusader Cooking System includes: A: Plastic Mug (standard) B: Water Bottle (standard) C: Crusader Cup Lid D: Crusader Cup E: Crusader Cooker F: Zulu Belt Pouch G: 12x Ethanol Fuel Gel H: Fireball Flint & Striker.

The System measures 10" x 7" x 5" and weighs 2lb. *Black PTFE coated finish also available