BCB Mini Survival Work Tool
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BCB Mini Survival Work Tool

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This is a BCB International Mini Survival Work Tool. The BCB Mini Work Tool is a credit card size stainless steel multi-tool packed with features. It's small size allows it to be stored practically anywhere. Don't be confused with other multi-tools of this type. This is not a cheap 'knock off' version of a quality tool. This is the quality tool itself. The Mini Work Tool is a perfect, inexpensive, yet quality addition to any survival kit. We highly recommend throwing the BCB Multi-Tool in your map case, glove compartment or overnight kit. The Mini Work Tool is a very popular item because it is simple, inexpensive, durable and does what it is supposed to do!

Features of the BCB Mini-Work Tool include: Knife, Wood Saw Blade, Bottle-Can Opener, Flat Edge Screwdriver, Various Size Wrenches and a Butterfly Opener, Bearing Plate for a Button Compass, Ruler and Lanyard Hole and Carrying Case