BCB Special Forces Survival Kit
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BCB Special Forces Survival Kit

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This is a BCB International Special Forces Survival Kit. BCB's most recent development was designed for use by Special and Rapid Reaction Forces. To meet their demanding requirements, BCB produced a robust selection of high quality components, sealed within the ultimate weather protection. The Special Forces Survival Kit was exclusively developed in conjunction with the British SAS and is, in effect, brand new to the 'survival' market. Currently in use by the UK SAS, it was designed to meet their exact specifications and pass their extensive trials. The BCB Special Forces Survival Kit is currently in use by the United States Coast Guard and the UK Special Air Service (SAS), among others. This item is the 'top of the line' model of all of our personal survival kits. Due to the equipment requirements of the British SAS, this model is the most expensive 'personal' survival kit BCB produces.


  • Black Nylon Windowed Pouch
  • Air-Tight Re-Sealable Bag
  • Green Plastic Bag
  • Mini-Compass
  • NATO Mayday Signal Mirror
  • Tinder Cards
  • Fine Cord (20m)
  • Sail Needles
  • Needle Threader
  • NATO Commando Wire Saw
  • Fishing Kit
  • Flexible Tubing
  • Fireball Flint
  • Hacksaw Striker
  • Brass Snares
  • Suspender Clips
  • NATO Survival Matches
  • Stainless Steel Multi-Tool
  • Water Bag
  • Water Tablets 
  • Tornado Whistle. 

The Kit Weighs 13.5oz.. It is NATO Approved. It has a Stock Number: NSN: 4220-99-138-8693.