BCB Survival Matches
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BCB Survival Matches

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These are BCB International NATO Survival Matches. The BCB Survival Matches Mk3 are the finest waterproof survival matches available anywhere at any price. These NATO Survival Matches come in a small, watertight, plastic bottle that has a match strike surface on each end. Once ignited, these windproof survival storm matches are more like small flares than matches and burn intensely for approximately 12 seconds. These survival matches cannot be blown out. You can actually drop them into water and these survival matches will continue to burn. BCB NATO Survival Matches are a standard NATO issue item and are used in aviation and marine survival kits worldwide. These survival matches are the original which many others have copied. Don't be fooled! These are the real thing and are supplied to numerous militaries and governments worldwide, to include the United States Coast Guard. These NATO Storm Survival Matches come 25 to a container. If you need a match on a dark and stormy night, BCB NATO Survival Matches are the ones to have and should be a part of every survival kit.Also known as Life Boat or Storm Matches, the NATO Survival Matches are stronger and more effective than standard matches. These specially treated 'storm' matches have extra long heads and will continue to burn through strong winds and rain. BCB matches are quite amazing to watch in action. These Survival Matches are a standard item in survival kits worldwide. These Matches are Hand Dipped and Varnished. There are 25 Matches in a Waterproof Container. These Matches are NATO Approved. They have a NATO Stock Number 9920-99-665-4243. This item must be shipped via UPS.