Essential Gear Outfitters Trekker Survival Kit
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Essential Gear Outfitters Trekker Survival Kit

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This is an Essential Gear Outfitters Trekker Survival Kit. It is a high quality individual kit for survival in extreme conditions and all terrains. All items are field tested and time proven.




  • 1 Voodoo Tactical Mil Spec Weather Resistant Deployment Bag. Can be carried by the included Shoulder Strap, Top Carry Handle or attached to other gear using the MOLLE Platform on the back.
  • 1 Woodmans Pal Multi Purpose Survival Tool. This Tool will cut, chop, pry, chisel and hammer. It is extremely heavy duty.
  • 1- 50 Ft. Mil Spec Para Cord.
  • 1 Emergency Survival Bag. Foul Weather Protection and Heat Retention.
  • 1 Two Color Emergency Blanket. Protection from the elements and warmth. Two Colors for signaling in all environments.
  • 1 Mil Spec 5 Qt. Flotation Bladder and Water Carrier with OD Nylon Cover.
  • 1 Mil Spec Magnesium Fire Starter. Will work in all weather and light 10,000 fires.
  • 1 Mil Spec Spark Lite Fire Starter Kit.
  • 1 Spark Lite Tender Quick Pak.
  • 1 Mil Spec Stove and Fuel Gel Kit. It is non toxic and will burn in extreme conditions.
  • 1 Mil Spec Water Purification Tabs.
  • 1 Mil Spec Snare Set. Contains two different size snares and instructions.
  • 1 Essential Gear Outfitters Fishing Kit., 
  • 3 Heavy Duty Black Trash Bags.
  • 6 Paper Coffee Filters. used as a water prefilter, fire starting and personal issues. 

The Kit measures 11&1/2"L x 5&1/2"W x 6"H. It weighs 6 Lbs.