Essential Gear Woodsman Survival Kit
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Essential Gear Woodsman Survival Kit

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This is the Essential Gear Woodsman Survival Kit, a high quality kit with added essentials for long term survival in extreme conditions and locations. The kit contents are field tested and time proven in the harshest environments. The items in this kit are above and beyond the basic contents of other kits marketed today. The kit contents are the highest quality available.




  • 1 Voodoo Tactical Enlarged Deployment Bag. It is Weather Resistant and can be carried by the top handle or included Shoulder Strap. It can also be attached to other gear using the MOLLE Platform on the back.
  • 1 Woodmans Pal Model 284-12. This is a Mil Spec Woodsmans Pal with Leather Handle and Knuckle Guard. It comes with a Black Nylon Sheath and Sharpening Stone. The Pal can preform multiple tasks and is also an excellent defensive weapon.
  • 1 Two Color All Weather Emergency Blanket/Tarp. It has orange and silver reverse sides for signaling in all conditions and grommeted reinforced corners for shelter construction. It is also used as a blanket for foul weather protection and heat retention. Demensions are 5'x7'.
  • 1 Emergency Survival Bag. For heat retention and foul weather protection.
  • 1 Two Color Emergency Blanket. For Weather Protection and signaling.
  • 1 Mil Spec Drinking Straw. Reduces Water Borne Virus Risk by 96%. Will filter 50 Liters and can be used to drink directly from a water source.
  • 1 pack Mil Spec Water Purification tablets.
  • 1 Mil Spec 5Qt. Flation Bladder/Canteen. Can be used a a floatation bladder for water rescue, a pillow or as a Canteen. Comes with a nylon cover with instructions.
  • 1 Speedhook Mil Spec Fishing Set.
  • 1 Essential Gear Outfitters Fishing Kit.
  • 1 Mil Spec Snare Set. Comes with 2 different size snares and instructions.
  • 1 Mil Spec Magnesium Fire Starter. Will light fires in the most extreme conditons. Will light 10.000 fires.
  • 1 Spark Lite Fire Starter Kit with Tender.
  • 1 Tender Quick Extra Tender.
  • 1 Mil Spec Gel Fuel Stove Kit. Contain 3 gel packs and folding stove. Non Toxic and will burn in extreme conditions.
  • 1 Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool that includes Spring-action Needlenose Pliers,Spring-action Regular Pliers,Spring-action Wire Cutters,420HC Knife,420HC Serrated Knife,Wood/Metal File,Saw,Small Screwdriver,Medium Screwdriver,Phillips Screwdriver,Ruler (1.5 in / 3.8 cm),Bottle Opener,Can Opener,Wire Stripper,Carabiner Accessory: Hex Bit Driver and Bottle Opener,Leather Sleeve
  • 100 Ft. Mil Spec. Para Cord.
  • 3 Heavy Duty Black Trash Bags.
  • 6 Paper Coffee Filters. Used as a prefilter for water, fire starting and personal use.