Extreme Duty Wire Survival Saw
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Extreme Duty Wire Survival Saw

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This is an Extreme Duty Wire Survival Saw. This is the same type of pocket saw always carried by famed test pilot Chuck Yaeger. Badly burned after being forced to bail out during a test flight at 104,000 feet, this is the saw used to cut through his pressure suits neck ring to remove his helmet. Lightweight and compact, it can be coiled up into a shirt pocket or easily included in survival and camping kits. IT IS MADE IN THE U.S.A.. This is the finest civilian survival pocket saw made. It is a spiral wire saw, not the cheap strand wire saws seen on other sights. This saw will cut wood, bone and plastic in any direction. This saw has a heavier and longer blade (.050” diameter i and 24” long). The blade is made of rust resistant stainless steel. The larger rings are much more comfortable to grip than the “thumb rings” of the Pocket Saw. Yet, it still only weighs 1 oz.