Hunting Utility Chisel/Knife 102 By The Makers Of Woodman's Pal
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Hunting Utility Chisel/Knife 102 By The Makers Of Woodman's Pal

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This is the Model PT1O2 Chisel Utility Knife from Pro Tool, the makers of the Woodman's Pal.

This Tool is an Excellent Multi Purpose Survival and Hunting Tool. A multiple utility cutting function tool designed by our own, General Manager, Mark Scheifley, that will take use and abuse, time and again. Weighing in at a hefty 1 lb 25 oz, this baby fears nothing, and can tear apart a 4' x 4' pallet. Actually 3 tools in one, it’s a knife, a chisel, and a wedge/prying tool. - Overall length is 10 5/8 inches and 1 ½ inches wide @ handle. - 5/16” 1075 Carbon Steel full tang that allows a generous “flat” on top edge of the knife to strike with your heavy mallet or hammer for maximum force cut. - Flat ground knife edge 4 ¾” long - Chisel ground tip edge at the end, 1 ½ long - ½” long x ¾” wide butt end for striking with a hammer. Heat treated, blasted, and powder coated. Two piece contoured hardwood ash handle, hand sanded and treated with Pennsylvania German Harvest Brown oil stain for maximum grain appearance, secured with nickel plated rivets. A lanyard hole is also added for your convenience, to hang in your shop, truck, or cabin. Uses: - field dressing big game, splitting pelvis and rib bones - chip putty/paint/wood/debris/gaskets - cut wire/conduit/hose/cable/rubber/wood/tubing - pry and split wood/joints/tight parts - prospecting - backpacking and camping Comes encased in a heavy duty but lightweight 1800 denier black nylon sheath.

This Knife is HANDMADE IN PENNSYLVANIA by the same Craftsmen, who make the Woodman's Pal.