Military Survival Gel Fuel and Stove Set
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Military Survival Gel Fuel and Stove Set

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This is a Military Survival Gel Fuel and Stove Set. The set is very compact and will fit in a pocket or any small pouch. It includes three 1.25 oz. gel pacs and a folding stove. Pyro Pac Fuel is non toxic and non palatable. The fuel will not freeze or melt and is water soluble. It does not produce smoke or odor during proper combustion. The fuel is a mixture of unrestricted materials and can be placed on aircraft. The heat generated from burning Patented PyroPac Fuel Gel in the quick assemble stove Burns at about 1400 to 1500 degrees and will raise the temperature of a 14 ounce cup of water to a boil within about 8 minutes to heat food pouches, etc. The gel can then keep the water at boiling temperatures for 5 minutes or longer to purify it for a heated beverage. The residue remaining after use is a small amount of environmentally safe sandy powder that can be blended into the soil base leaving no trace behind.

The packaging for the fuel packs is mil spec.. The shelf life of the fuel is indefinite. Packs can be opened and remaining gel can be used at a later date. The Canteen Cup PyroPac Fire Gel (3 Pack w/Stove) (1.25 oz.) was developed to provide an efficient heat source for soldiers. It is safe, odorless, smokeless, non restrictive, economical, non toxic and friendly with the environment. The fuel packs have a stock number NSN:9110-01-518-9201. The set measurers 5"x3"x1" and weighs approx 5oz. Diethylene Glycol Indefinite shelf life Contents of one pouch burns approximately 14-15 minutes Can be used with or without included reusable stove considered a "Green Product" when used as instructed.

3 Pack VOLUME: 1.25 oz. per pouch (X3) Made in the USA