Ouik Clot 1st Response 25g Advanced Clotting Sponge
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Ouik Clot 1st Response 25g Advanced Clotting Sponge

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QuikClot 1st Response™ is the same proven technology developed for the military, packaged for convenient use by first responders, to help save lives right at the scene of accidents, crimes, fires and other emergencies. 
 QuikClot 1st Response™ has been re-engineered to remain cooler on contact. It has a greatly reduced exothermic reaction, with maximum temperatures in vivo typically at 105 degrees F. Unlike any other QuikClot product though, the 1st Response line has a blue x-ray identifier so the QuikClot is visible in x-rays.QuikClot 1st Response™ is easy to use. Just rip open a packet, pack the self-contained sponge into the wound and the bleeding stops rapidly. For larger wounds, use more than one sponge. The sponges will conform to the shape of the wound. QuikClot 1st Response™ is easily removed in the hospital setting. This product is new and current manufacture.