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This is a SHEPHERD MODEL 310-P3 RIFLE SCOPE. It is NEW IN THE BOX. It is IN STOCK. It is 3 x 10 by 40. The Range Finding Circles are 18 Inches for VARMINT SHOOTING or HUNTING. A Deer is 18 inches from Shoulder to Brisquet. A Coyote is 18 inches from the Ground to the Top of the Back. This Scope can be Zeroed with One Shot. It is the World's Fastest Range Finding and Bullet Drop Compensating Scope. All SHEPHERD SCOPES are Waterproof, Fogproof and Shockproof. This Scope will Work for the Following Calibers: 222 Rem., 250 Sav., 6.5x55 Swe., 308 Win. 110gr., 150gr., 30-06 150gr. ,180gr. ,200gr., 375 H and H.m 270gr., 375 H and H 300gr., 378 Wea. 300gr., 416 Wea. 350gr. 400gr, 300 Sav. 150gr.,8mm Rem.m 220gr., 350 Rem.m 200gr., 6.8 115gr., 7mm Mauser 140gr., 7.57 Mauser 140gr., 7x30 Watek, 8x57 Mauser 196gr., 8mm Rem Mag. 220gr., 35 Whelen 225gr.. These Calibers are based on Specific Bullets Weights. Other Scope Models will work on Some of these Calibers with Different Bullets Weights. Please contact us if you have questions on the Variations. All 3-10 Models have the following Specifications: Field of View 43.5'-11.6', Brightness 175-16, Eye Relief 3"-3.25", Tube Size 1", Length 13.75 Inches, Weight 17 Ounces. All Shepherd Scopes use a Patented Dual Reticle System and are the Only Scopes in the World to Guarantee 100% Accurate Tracking and Adjustments. The Four Mag Coating on All Lenses make the Light Gathering Property One of the Best in the Industry. They are backed by Shepherd's Lifetime Guarantee. This is Absolutely the Finest Scope you will ever own. I have been Shooting Shepherd Scopes for over Twenty Years and they have always performed flawlessly. This Scope is BRAND NEW IN THE BOX and includes All Paperwork. The Scope comes complete with an Operations Manual and Lens Covers. This Scope is IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP.