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This is a pair of SHEPHERD 8X42 BINOCULARS. They are NEW. These Binoculars feature A.E.F. High Resolution Anti-Eye-Fatigue. They have 4.4 Seconds of Resolution that does the detail work and let your eyes hunt not strain. 4.4 Seconds of Resolution means that the Binoculars Sharply Define the edges of an object as small as eight hundredths of an inch at 100 yards or about eight tenths of an inch at 1000 yards under ideal conditions. They are built better than they need to be. Eye Relief is 19.4 mm. The Eye Pieces are Independently Adjustable. The Lenses are Multi Mag-Phase Coated. They produce Startling Brilliance and Razor Sharp Images at Extreme Distances and under the most Adverse Light Conditions. They feature Precicion Machined Adjustments for Focus and Clarity. The Body is Aircraft Grade Aluminum. They are Armor Coated. The Binoculars are Nitrogen Filled. They are WATERPROOF. The Binoculars are Lightweight at 22.5 oz.. The Binoculars come Complete with a Carrying Case, Case Strap, Neck Strap and Lens Covers. The Binoculars are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. I can personally state that I have used Shepherd Binoculars as well as their Rifle Scopes and Spotting Scope for years and they are all Excellent Quality. Being in the Hunting and Outdoor Industry for over 30 years I have had the opportunity to use most of the High Priced Brands of Optics. I have found None that Match Shepherd Optics for their Quality and Value. You can pay more money but you won't buy better quality.