Tac-D 37mm Launcher
Tac-m203 37MM Launcher
Tac-D Pivot 37mm Launcher
Tac-79 Tactical Configuration
Tac-m79 Wood Stocked
Tac-79 Pistol Configuration
Freedom Tracer 37 MM Live Rounds
Sonic Signal 37MM Live Rounds
Screaming Eagle 37MM Live Rounds
Whistle Pig 37MM Live Rounds
Dragon Eggs 37MM Live Rounds
Comet 37MM Live Rounds
Tac-D Stock Adapter
Aluminum Adapter 37mm to 26.5mm
Aluminum Adapter 37mm to 12 gauge
Aluminum Adapter 26.5mm to 12 gauge
37 MM Ready Load Starter Kit
37 MM Deluxe Ready Load Starter Kit