Aluminum Adapter 37mm to 12 gauge

These aluminum adapters will allow for the use of 12 gauge flares, blanks and signaling rounds in your 37mm launcher.  They are bored to a depth that will not permit the loading of a full sized shotgun shell.  They WILL seat ALL of the 12ga. signaling rounds and blanks that we sell.

This product uses flares ONLY. Never use regular 12 gauge ammunition in these adapters. It will destroy the adapter.
Our 37mm Launchers are NOT firearms.  Do NOT fire any round meant for a firearm in any 37mm launcher.  Specifically, do not use an adapter to fire 12 gauge or centerfire rounds or rimfire rounds.  DO NOT use Beehive rounds.  This launcher is not a firearm and damage to yourself, or the launcher is likely if you violate this warning.  Further, you would be in violation of BATF rules.  The Warranty will be void under any of these conditions.

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