Tac-D Stock Adapter
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Tac-D 37mm Stock Adapter.  This adapter triples the utility of the Tac-D; turning it into a shoulder mounted launcher in minutes and without a stock it becomes a long-barreled pistol.  The adapter uses the alignment recess in the rear of the Tac-D receiver to assure accurate positioning so that any AR compatible stock can be used.  The pistol grip is AR standard too.  Comes with hex head oxide finished mounting bolt AND hex wrench for installation.  AR shoulder stock and vertical foregrip are not included. Note that neither the buffer nor the buffer spring are necessary for use of the shoulder stock.

Our 37mm Launchers are NOT firearms.  Do NOT fire any round meant for a firearm in any 37mm launcher.  Specifically, do not use an adapter to fire 12 gauge or centerfire rounds or rimfire rounds.  DO NOT use Beehive rounds.  This launcher is not a firearm and damage to yourself, or the launcher is likely if you violate this warning.  Further, you would be in violation of BATF rules.  The Warranty will be void under any of these conditions.
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