Phoenix Rising™ - Super Dragon™ Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath - Incendiary Ammo

dragons breath
"Phoenix Rising" is the world's largest line of exotic ammunition, producing a wide range of unique and visually striking ammunition for recreational shooting and use in films and television as well as hunting and extreme defense rounds. As the largest producer of Dragon's Breath ammunition in the world, Phoenix Rising is responsible for producing more of this specialty shotgun ammunition than all other exotic ammunition companies combined.The name Dragon's Breath is a generic ammunition name just as buckshot, slug. etc. used by many other companies. That said. Phoenix Rising's Dragon's Breath is far superior to all other Dragon's Breath on the market today. Phoenix Rising also denotes our round as "The Original Super Dragon" Dragon's Breath since it has far greater range and much more of our proprietary component load than any other brand.
In the John Wick movies, the character John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) is known for using firearms loaded with  Dragon's Breath rounds, which adds to the intense and spectacular nature of the action scenes. However, it's important to note that the use of Dragon's Breath ammunition can be dangerous and should only be used by experienced shooters in appropriate settings, as the flames produced by the ammunition can potentially cause fires or serious burns if not used correctly.

"Phoenix Rising" is a brand of ammunition that produces Dragon's Breath rounds, among other types of specialty shotgun ammunition as well as exotic rifle and pistol ammunition not found anywhere else. All Phoenix Rising ammunition is professionally loaded in fully licensed facilities by full time professional personnel with many years experience. It is also constantly tested not only on the range but lab computer tested both in round development and during production. Ammunition production is seven days 365 a year. No garage, basement loading, No part time high school help, no unsafe or unproven rounds. Phoenix Rising is in one word "Professional".

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