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Heritage Selection

Looking for a great gift or to show your patriotic spirit?

Exceptional quality flags are dyed in brilliant colors and even optionally finished with heading and grommets for outdoor display.

Essential Gear Outfitters offers all types of flags in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Our high-quality materials range from popular, lightweight nylon to durable polyester

Bold, colorful flags dramatically draw the eye wherever they fly - at your office, residence, institution, school, or social organization.

They even serve as decorative landmarks to identify your location and are used as a powerful promotional tool.

More than just pins

Recognize, Inspire, and Promote

Our selection of fine pins will let you show off your pride and patriotism. Pins are die struck from fine jeweler's metal, filled with vivid enamel colors, and optionally plated and polished to a mirror-like shine. Wear these to your next community gathering or patriotic party. All pins come individually poly bagged and bubble wrapped for protection.

Patriotic and historical pins are popular among political figures and those running for election, as well as travelers. They also make great gifts for pin collectors or a new neighbor who just moved to the state. Although they are often referred to as lapel pins, state flag pins can also be displayed on hats, vests, jackets, and sashes.

Each pin is meticulously designed to include important details and surface coating for a long life. Inks are even non-toxic "green" inks that will not fade with normal use.