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Wholesalers Welcome!

Welcome Dealers to the New Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition Wholesale

We are introducing a totally new wholesale program that has the most
requested changes from our customers. These changes are designed to
simplify placing orders, give dealers a better pricing structure to be
able to offer a broader range of products and greatly increase the speed
of processing and delivery. I hope you will find these new improvements
to be a great help in increasing your sales and your bottom line.

. The quantity required to purchase wholesale has been changed to
eliminate minimum quantity requirements. Dealers may now purchased
exactly what they need to offer the best selection to their retail

. The packing has been changed to 3 Round packs for 12 Ga. rounds and 5
round packs for .410 Ga. This is more appealing to retail buyers because
they spend less per pack and can buy a wider selection for their

. The labels for the ammunition are now front and back printed with
additional information and product warnings as well as barcodes. The
labels have also been enhanced to to be more colorful, detailed and
easier to read to attract the buyer.

. Dealers can now purchase any round in any quantity of packs no matter
how large or small. This allows the dealer to spend less money and at
the same time increase their offering to their retail base.

. Shipping times have also been greatly reduced by increased shipping
and processing personnel.

. Phoenix Rising still maintains the highest quality products in the
industry and the largest selection of exotic ammunition.

. Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition is professionally loaded in fully
licensed facilities and all rounds are tested with the most advanced
systems during development as well as production. We do not offer rounds
that do not meet our quality and safety standards which are the highest
in the industry.

. Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition is the most recognized brand in the
industry. We have a large presence on the internet and this is a great
benefit for the wholesale supplier to attract customers.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We look forward to hearing
from you.

Phoenix Rising Exotic Ammunition
John B. Corn / Owner
PO Box 2944
Las Vegas, NM. 87701
Office: 505-425-9559
Cell: 307-431-9710

Note. A copy of your Business License will be required for all wholesale dealer accounts. Please email a copy of your business license to sales@essentialgearoutfitters.com

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