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IMPORTANT: Urgent Safety Recall Notice.

Urgent Recall Notice:

Essential Gear Outfitters is issuing an urgent recall of all 12 gauge 3″ Magnum Armor Piercing Ammunition loaded by War Wolf Ordnance of Idaho. This product has been deemed unsafe for use.

Click here for more information.

Confederate Heritage SALE!

Just in time for Flag Season our number one flag is on sale for a limited time. One time low price of $5 PLUS buy 2 get one free. It just doesn’t get better than this.

More Great BOGO Deals!

§ Buy the Betsy Ross  1776 Limited Edition Round and get a Free Betsy Ross 3X5 Printed Flag with every pack purchased.

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§ Buy the The Patriot Round – Trump 2020 Limited Edition and get a Free MAGA Trump Lapel Pin with every pack purchased.

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